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Accounting is the language of business.
AVERS Consulting and Accounting helps you find your strengths and improve your shortcomings all in
an effort to help you build a better and more successful business.


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Some of our more essential duties are financial advisory services that we provide in order to not only keeping financial records but in addition help our clients and provide support for: market research and competition analysis, profit and loss analysis, and analysis of prices and margins in the preparation of business plans and the strategic planning process. We can provide a variety of market analysis, whether and what possibilities there are for your business and how you can take advantage of them.

Using various analyses, together, we can discover new opportunities, ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of your business. We will help you gain a better starting position, help you to establish priorities and to begin to apply the solutions that will generate profit.

If you want to secure finances to start a business or to further develop an existing business, it is of vital importance to have a good business plan. We actively participate in the preparation of your documents for loan requests sent to banks, as well as the Development Fund or anything alike.

We will be the limitless source of expertise working for the betterment of your tomorrow.
Recording of events and transactions:
Everything encompassed within this service that we provide includes:
  1. Recording of outgoing invoices (domestic and foreign)
  2. Recording of incoming invoices (domestic and foreign)
  3. Preparation of VAT application and documentation for VAT returns
  4. Recording of journal entries
  5. Input/recording/updating fixed assets
  6. Input/recording/updating/calculation of depreciation
  7. Annual inventory of fixed assets
  8. Deposit recording and calculation of interest
  9. Loan recording (received and given)
  10. Accrual of interest and costs and revaluation of loans
  11. Monitoring of monthly loan repayment of liabilities, the updating of installment plans and the development of a liquidity plan and order tranche
  1. Completion of documentation for paid off loan payments
  2. Recording of financial instruments (e.g. SWAP)
  3. Recording of travel expenses
  4. Recording of petty cash
  5. Reconciliation with Tax Authorities
  6. Reconciliation with debtors and creditors
  7. Monthly review of Trial Balance
  8. Communication for necessary explanation etc.
  9. Item recording on the statements
  10. Preparation of eBanking payments
  11. Preparation of Cash flow report
  12. Invoicing
  13. Calculation of interest
  14. Communication with the Bank (signature cards, etc.)
We offer complete Back office support including:
  1. Opening and performing all necessary actions for the registration of companies, foreign representative offices, entrepreneurial companies
  2. Overall financial operations and administration
  3. Monitoring of monthly loan repayment of liabilities, the updating of installment plans and the development of a liquidity plan and order tranche
  4. Preparation of eBanking payments
  5. Preparation of Cash flow report
  6. Invoicing
  7. Calculation of interest
  8. Communication with the Bank (signature cards, etc.)
  9. Management of guarantees received from suppliers (check of complete-ness, wording, validity, expiry dates control)
  10. Import / export transactions, preparation of complete documentation and communication with shippers, customs and suppliers in connection with import / export transactions
  11. Control of incoming invoices accuracy and completeness
  12. Control of supplier being VAT taxpayer
  13. Control of VAT calculation on incoming invoices
  14. Communication with a supplier in a case of an invoice inaccuracy
  15. Control of advance payments
  16. Utility invoices management
  17. Daily reporting on RSD current ac-count transactions and daily balance reporting
  1. Weekly reporting on foreign currency account transactions and balance re-porting
  2. Quarterly reporting on business transactions in EUR in Excel form (re-port to contain: each suppliers name, invoice date and number, recipient date and number, invoice booked amount in RSD without VAT, day of payment, paid amount in €; report to be done in excel; format and content to be agreed with the Service Recipient)
  3. Loan management (preparing documents for ordering loan tranches drawdown, reporting of all changes on loan accounts, quarterly interest calculation and reporting – quarterly and cumulative calculation, other activities
  4. Keeping evidence of employees
  5. Preparation of annual leave decisions
  6. Control of salary calculation
  7. Ad hoc informing (based on temporarily needs) on cumulative payments to specific supplier, status of debt to-wards specific supplier
  8. Procurement of office supply
  9. Procurement of other office material
  10. Contact with suppliers regarding maintenance of fixed assets
  11. Keeping evidence on incoming and outgoing documentation
  12. Postal shipments sending and receiving
  13. Documentation archiving
  14. Other back office duties
Implementation of the quality management system
Our services even include the implementation of the following:
  1. The introduction of quality management system ISO 9001
  2. The introduction of the system of environmental management ISO 14001
  3. Introduction of The system of management of occupational health and safety standards OHSAS ISO 18001


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AVERS Consulting and Accounting provides financial advisory services, bookkeeping, and accounting services all in accordance with accounting principles, standards and rules of this great trade.

This includes the systematic collection, development and analysis of information on the financial condition of an organization. This information can be used and utilized for different purposes. For employers these allow planning and controlling of financial operations and transactions, the analysis of the economic state of organizations or enterprises with a goal of making appropriate business decisions.

With AVERS’ business guidance and expertise all of these crucial aspects of your business will be driven to their maximum potential.

Owner of Avers

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